How do you justify making a significant investment in protecting your PeopleSoft systems? We at UCF learned first hand following a highly publicized breach in January 2016. We had to balance the demand of law enforcement and lawyers with investigating the incident while preserving forensic integrity while moving to protect our systems. During this time, there were many costs associated with the data loss. We will discuss the hidden and direct costs on the organization as a whole as well as, the mitigation strategy moving forward.

Find out what happens after a breach directly from Felicia Kendall, IT Infrastructure Manager at UCF. Felicia was the tip of the spear charged with resolving the breach and coming up with the mitigation strategy. Topics she will discuss are: Actions after the breach, working with law enforcement, working with lawyers, administrationa and constituents, Breach costs, Direct: credit monitoring, lawsuits, Indirect: Internal resources, time, insurance adjustments, brand identity, mitigation strategy, protection moving forward, two factor authenticaion, lessons learned.